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Benicia Arsenal in War and Peace

The Benicia Historical Museum’s permanent exhibit titled “Benicia Arsenal in War and Peace” features a 20 foot timeline of the Benicia Arsenal and Benicia’s military history. Augmented with a large and colorful collection of medals, badges, crests, flags,...

1860’s, 1870’s, 1880’s & 1890’s

The original land grants gifted to General Vallejo in 1843, incorporating much of Solano and Sonoma County, were ultimately invalidated in the 1860’s. This was due in part due to their sheer size as well as the fact that they were granted by the Mexican...

The Pony Express

Benicia was not on the regular Pony Express Route, but when the riders’ missed their steamer connection to San Francisco from Sacramento, they took the alternative route through Solano County.  This happened a total of 19 times in the 19 month history of the...
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