The second episode of the Benicia Historical Museum’s COVID Quarantine Camelcast is now available!

Hosted by Benicia resident and BHS graduate Dean Putong, our podcast provides a “camel’s eye view” of Benicia’s unique history.


In this episode, Dean and Executive Director Elizabeth d’Huart discuss the concept of Manifest Destiny and how it drove the exploration and settlement of the American West.

Our 2020 summer intern, Dean Putong is a rising senior at Yale University and is a history and political science major who is also the President of his fraternity, Sigma Chi.  A passionate and talented individual, Dean spent last summer studying foreign policy and political theory at the London School of Economics and has also been chosen as a Yale research assistant, contributing his time and efforts to several books due to be published in 2021. Dean says “I found my passion for history when I was very young, and museums played a vital role in that … I believe learning about history is vital for our society today.  With the crises we’re currently experiencing, the past can give us context, references we can draw upon to find new solutions”.

If you missed the first episode of the Podcast – Why Are There No Camels at the Camel Barns? — be sure to check that out as well!