“To engage the community and the greater public in the evolving history of Benicia and its contributions to the development of our state and country.  Dedicated to our children and future generations, our work fosters understanding, connectivity, identity, and pride.  The Museum complex is at the heart of Benicia’s historic preservation and heritage promotion programs through its exhibits, educational outreach, events and activities, and online archives.”


Based on a vision:

“The History of California is written in the story of Benicia.”


We educate through tours, provide exhibits for Community and Heritage Tourism visitors, as well as serving as a community cultural center and providing online archives free to the public.


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"The history of California is written in the story of Benicia"

Chapters in the Story of Benicia

Educational outreach includes historical re-creation activities

Guided tours of the Powder Magazine

The Early California Gallery - exploring the settlement of California

Robert Semple and Benicia' s "Firsts"

Cultural events, such as Nikolai Massenkoff in concert, inspired by the Concepción Argüello & Nikolai Rezanov love story

"Strange Ladies", a theatrical performance dramatizing the Woman Suffrage movement

Online Archives – Free to the Public