Misplaced Memories

The museum received a donation from the O’Grady estate many years ago of a collection of negatives that had been created in the early 1900’s by John Laurence Molfino. Technology is now allowing us to digitize and share these unique views of Benicia and Northern California from over a hundred years ago. Few of the negatives though, give any indication of who is in the photo let alone where or when they were taken. Our hope is that people in the community can help us piece together a more complete picture of how these photos fit into our regional history. Your personal knowledge, family stories, or historical research may be able to help us to regain these misplaced memories.

The following pages contain photos from our collection for which we are asking your help. There are several pages of photos about various topics. Selecting one of the pages below will display a page of thumbnail photos. Selecting any one of the thumbnails will bring up an expanded view of that photo. If you have any additional information about individuals in the photos or where or when the photo may have been taken, please contact us. Below the expanded view is a tab, “Image Feedback”, that you can use to contact us and share your information.

John Laurence Molfino

John Laurence Molfino (1874-1937) was born near Genoa, Italy.  He migrated to the U.S. in 1888 living first in Merced, Ca.  In 1889 he met and married his wife Giaconda (Dita) Canessa.  She also came from an area near Genoa and came to the U.S. with her father,...